About Us

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Who we are

XY Apparel is a family owned business based in Clive, Alberta using new embroidery machines and state of the art vinyl printing. Quality and service are very important to us, so we're happy to spend the extra time and effort working with you to get your garments looking just right.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry you can count on us for all your promotional, personal, team or corporate garment needs.


Our mission

XY Apparel was born out of a passion for quality and lack of affordable options for small to medium sized custom orders.

If you've spent any time getting quotes for custom embroidery, printing or vinyl of small orders you've probably run into the same problem we did: Most larger shops can't be bothered, and those that say yes often charge you an arm and a leg to do it!

While we absolutely welcome larger orders too, we pride ourselves in being able to offer all of our services for those one or two piece orders, and at affordable prices.

Our goals: Customer satisfaction and helping you to eXpress Yourself through a unique design or logo.
Our mission: To give you both of these things on every single project, regardless of order size!